Some of the Objects of the Trust are:

  • To conduct seminars in general medicine particularly diabetes, cardiology, hypertension, lipids, obesity and allied disciplines and thereby improve medical knowledge to medical practitioners and specialists.
  • To arrange for research in internal medicine and related specialities and to run institutions in furtherance of the trust.
  • To educate the public on the prevention diseases for maintenance of good and sound health.
  • To render high quality medical aid by conducting periodical comprehensive health camps.
  • To organise public programmes to campaign for risk factor eradication and create awareness on heart diseases and other diseases.
  • To receive donations, contributions and endowments either in kind or in cash or in immovable properties (Subjects to the provision of the Income-tax Act, 1961 in force for the time being) from individuals firms, concerns, companies, charities and other bodies.
  • To Support education for the deserving individuals to promote not only basic preventative cardiology, diabetes, general medicine and hypertension, but also advanced noninvasive and invasive interventional cardiology.