Online Webiner

Topic: Back to basics - bench to bedside


Dos and Don'ts for Registered Medical Practitioners (RMPS)


Mastering Research

Topic.1: Introduction To Research Methodology & Framing A Good Research Question (15.03.2024)

Topic.2: Study designs - in a nutshell (28.03.2024)

Topic.3: Sampling Methods and Sample Size Calculation for Research (04.04.2024)

Topic.4: Data collection tools and data management (14.04.2024)

Topic.6: Basics in statistical analysis and software used in research (26.04.2024)

Topic.7: Steps in effective publication (3.05.2024)

Topic.8: Use of Artificial Intelligence AI in research (16.05.2024)

Topic.9: Clinical trials-the way forward(23.05.2024)

Topic.10: Ethics in research - doing a research ethically (31.05.2024)


Master Class Webinar Series on Neurology – Recorded Link

Topic.1: Approach to Vestibular Syndrome (07. 01. 2022)

Topic.2: Cardio Cerebral Resuscitation (21. 01. 2022)

Topic.3 Status Epilepticus, Refractory Status Epilepticus & NORSE (04. 02. 2022)

Topic.4: Case Studies of Insomnia (18. 02. 2022)

Webinars – Various Topics

Webinar on 16th October 2021 at 08:30 PM

Topic: Difficult to Control Hypertension

Master Class Webinar Series on "KLINCH" (Key Lessons in Neurology thro’ Case Histories)

Topic.1: Approach to Vestibular Syndrome

Master Class Webinar Series (2) on Thyroid

Topics: - 24th July 2021

1. Thyroid & Pregnancy - Dr. Krishnan Swaminathan

2. Thyroid & Infertility - Dr. T. Ramani Devi

Topics: - 31st July 2021

1. Hyperprolactinemia & impact on reproductive health &

2. Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism in the Infertile Female, Guideline for Treatment

Master Class Webinar Series (2) on Diabetes

Topic.1: Diagnosis of Diabetes: Does it really matter? On 17th August 2021

Topic.2: The Indian diabetic: The 6 Cs to Remember on 24th August 2021

Topic.3: Good Bad and Ugly of Diabetes Medications on 31st August 2021

Topic.4: Insulin errors in Clinical; Practice: Do no Harm! On 7th September 2021

Topic. 5. Type 1 diabetes, Poor cousin of Type 2 DM, Indian Considerations on 14th September 2021

Topic. 6. Diabetic Foot on 21st September 2021

Master Class Webinar Series on Gastroenterology

Topic.1 GERD - Management Beyond PPIs (24.09.2021)

Topic.2. Management of Co-Morbid Constipation (01. 10. 2021)